THE CLIENT: CEO of a tri-state commercial real-estate development and construction management firm.
THE NEED: The CEO was finding that his partner, an older brother, was undermining his authority and thwarting his leadership and results.
THE RESULT: By understanding the impact of his behavior to the operations of the company and its bottom line, the older brother discovered the importance of respecting, cooperating and empowering the CEO in all communication. The partnership flourished and the company tripled in size. Culture enhancing activities made them more productive and attractive for recruiting.

THE CLIENT: Chief Financial Officer of a global private equity firm.
THE NEED: This highly valued finance professional was not providing reports in a timely, or strategically useful format, and was rough around the edges in his treatment of his peers, supervisors and direct reports.
THE RESULT: The CFO now honors timelines, provides well-designed reports and fosters a culture of collaboration and respect. He attracted fresh talent for his team, and they have been implementing new solutions to integrate and deliver key financial information. He has upgraded the flow of relevant communication with the COO and other departments and has been acknowledged by the CEO as having spearheaded highly valuable ideas.

THE CLIENT: CFO of a leading non-profit environmental advocate agency.
THE NEED: The CFO needed to be more confident and speak up at company meetings and one-on-one interactions.
THE RESULT: Within one month, the CFO demonstrated a complete shift in higher confidence, engaging with a new outgoing personality, clearly written and presented reports and more effective asking and answering of questions in all meetings.

THE CLIENT: Partner in Finance and Administration of a global branding subsidiary of one of the Big Four consulting firms.
THE NEED: This COO hopeful needed to be more strategic in meetings with upper management and firm partners while also being a better manager of his staff.
THE RESULT: With a primary focus on strategic conversations, and more collaborative management of his staff, he developed more useful information for all stakeholders. He has chaired meetings previously led by the COO, is cooperating on new projects with partners and generating strategic solutions.

THE CLIENT: Rare Historic Document Dealer 
THE NEED: The business was at risk of losing a major client who represented an unhealthy proportion of the company’s revenue. 
The RESULT: Together we edited the descriptions of the collectible documents so they would , appeal more directly to the values of billionaire collector clients. In addition to generating more revenue from a broader range of clients, thus reducing the dependence on one source of revenue, we also generated an improvement in company culture and communication. 

THE CLIENT: Father and Son owners of a commercial construction sub-contractor.
THE NEED: As the father was aging closer to retirement, it was reported that he would never release control of the business to his son. Reliable Improvements in communication, leadership and trust were required for a transfer of ownership and management. 
THE RESULT: Within one year, the son grew into the Presidency of one division of the company, and after another year took over another division. They continue to transfer shares of the company and have improved relations with increased sales and profits. 

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